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Areon Library

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Released: May 22, 2009
Updated: May 27, 2009 by Aeonhack
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Version 1.10

*52 Functions
513 Lines of Code*
>> AddStartup - Add an application to windows start up.
>> AssociateFileType - Associate a file type to an application.
>> Binary - Convert a string to its binary value.
>> BlockInput - Prevent mouse and keyboard input.
>> ChanceSuccess - Randomly returns true or false, success determined by input.
>> ClearHighlight - Remove all highlighting in a RichTextBox control.
>> CombineBytes - Combine two byte arrays into a single array.
>> ConvertIP - Convert an IP address to long (numbers), or short (string) format.
>> ConvertMemory - Convert bytes to there largest memory size. (KB, MB, GB, Etc)
>> CountWords - Count the number of words in a string.
>> EndProcess - End a single, or every instance of a process specified.
>> ExternalIP - Return the user's current external IP address.
>> Fade - Fade the input form in or out.
>> FolderSize - Return the size in bytes of a folder.
>> GenerateSerial - Returns a globally unique identifier, length defined by input.
>> GetKey - Returns the key currently being pressed.
>> GetPixel - Get the current pixel color at input coordinates.
>> GetStartupFile - Returns the file that launched the application.
>> HighlightWords - Hightlight input words in a RichTextBox control.
>> InternalIP - Return the user's current internal IP address.
>> IsAdmin - Returns a boolean indicating if the current application has administrative rights.
>> IsAssociated - Returns a boolean indicating if an associated file type exists.
>> IsVistaOrHigher - Indicates whether the current operating system is Vista or higher.
>> MachineID - Gathers hardware serials and returns them as a single ID.
>> MD5 - Generate MD5 hashes using string values.
>> MD5File - Return the MD5 hash of a file.
>> ObjectType - Return the exact object name of any object.
>> ParseIP - Return an IP address found in a string.
>> ParseLines - Return a string array of every line in a string.
>> PercentComplete - Returns the percentage complete given current, and total value input.
>> PerformClick - Perform a mouse click at the specified coordinates.
>> RandomOutput - Output random letters, numbers, or symbols.
>> RandomSeed - Generate a long value to be used for random seeds.
>> ResolveDNS - Returns the IP address of the designated host.
>> RestartElevated - Restarts the application, requesting administrative rights.
>> SaveJPEG - Save an image as a JPEG file, support quality compression.
>> ScanPort - Check if a remote or local port is receiving connections.
>> Scramble - Scramble string values.
>> SecureFile - Encrypt a file using the Rijndael encryption method.
>> SendEmail - Send an email from Gmail, or Live email addresses.
>> SetWallpaper - Set the desktop wallpaper given the location of an image, or a bitmap.
>> Sleep - Pause the application for the input duration without hanging.
>> Speak - Use text-to-speech on input string.
>> Swap - Reverse character values in a string.
>> TimeRemaining - Calculates the total time remaining for a process to complete.
>> TripleDES - Encrypt a string using the System.Security.Cryptography class.
>> UnassociateFileType - Remove an associated file type.
>> UTF8 - Converts a string to UTF8 encoded bytes in a string format.
>> ValidateConnection - Returns true or false determined by an active internet connection.
>> ValidateEmail - Verifies an email meets standard syntax requirements.
>> ValidateFilename - Ensures a filename does not contain any illegal characters.
>> ValidatePassword - Returns the score of a password, based on strength.

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